RockSolid Sports has existed in the sport marketplace for a number of years with a successful elite athlete and event management program. The health and fitness industry is growing and RockSolid Sports is diversifying to branch into the Personal Fitness market. RockSolid Sports Fitness is a logical and progressive step forward for RockSolid Sports. Having established itself as a successful sport management company it now seeks to capitalise on the pool of talent that it has in its team of athletes and the extensive expertise at hand amongst its full time and casual staff.

RockSolid Sports has partnered with Function Well Results Based Fitness Centre to provide a range of services to the fitness industry. These include fitness related food products, supplements, gym equipment as well as full service health & lifestyle programs to the corporate and mining sectors.

RockSolid Sports Fitness will commit its extensive skills and abilities with an emphasis on product development and diversification to create and ongoing financially profitable and stable enterprise. Apart from participant and financial growth, RockSolid Sports Fitness seeks to expand upon the concept and develop and diversify the product and service to compete in the changing market and allow for expansion and future sustainability.

Our Mission

RockSolid Sports Fitness will provide a high quality, unique and comprehensive health and fitness services to enrich the lives of individuals

 TEN 10 Challenge

RockSolid Sports through its new venture RockSolid Sports Fitness will create a unique and comprehensive health and fitness experience for Corporate groups and individuals.

The RockSolid Sports Fitness Ten 10 Challenge is a ten week health and fitness experience that will give clients not only a health and fitness boost but excellent team work, social and networking opportunities. It is the next step in corporate health.

The Ten 10 Challenge is a unique health and well being experience to be conducted in natural and other environments in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.


“I worked with Mark and RockSolid Sports in a consultancy role with a group of corporate clients who undertook a Corporate Fitness Program called the Ten10 Challenge leading into the Gold Coast Marathon (10K event).  This process was rewarding and enjoyable for all involved and was highly successful in demonstrating to corporate organizations that workplace health and fitness initiatives are the way of the future, and immensely successful in creating and maintaining workplace morale.

Mark and my company – Working Health also aligned to produce a workplace health and fitness promotion requested by BMA (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance).  Our objective was to put together a program to assess and improve the fitness of BMA employees across 11 Queensland sites.   Their target concerns were the high rates of obesity, heart disease, sleep apnoea, diabetes and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. 

We produced an extensive proposal which networked podiatrists, physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers and doctors along with facilities and BMA employees in remote Queensland locations.  Marks capacity to statistically analyse and graphically present the data was imperative to the success of our proposal.

Our BMA workplace health promotion program will continue to evolve and relies heavily on Mark’s organization and problem solving skills.  I see that with his continued enthusiasm and commitment, that this program will not only revolutionize the workplace fitness of BMA,  but of many other forward thinking companies.”

Kathy Mitchell (BPhty) – Director – Working Health Pty Ltd
(Specialists in Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, Management and Education)