Sports Management

Sports Management is an integral part of any athlete’s development. It’s a process that allows these athletes to remain focused on their chosen goals while ensuring their commitments outside competition are maintained while also focusing on the development of the individual. In the past managers/agents were employed to negotiate financial contracts  on behalf of high profile athletes and in most cases this is still the case. At RockSolid we believe there is an opportunity to offer a far more comprehensive set of services to develop athletes, not only short term, but right throughout their career regardless of their level of achievement. By putting the right framework in place we believe we can help young athletes achieve their goals while also planning for life after sport. We offer a very personalised approach targeting areas for development for each individual.

The services we offer are formulated into a Career Management Plan(CMP) designed to help athletes achieve their goals. We work with the athletes individually as well as putting together workshops where the athletes can interact to develop ideas and help each other.

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