Athlete Career Management Plan

Competitive Profile
Here we consult with the athlete detailing their achievements to date while also putting together a career plan highlighting short and long-term goals. This process is essential regardless of what level or what stage of their career the athlete is at. By documenting this information the athlete is taking ownership of their career and understand fully what is required and what sacrifices are needed to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

Personal Development
This is a key area in the progress of any athlete. Here we work with the athlete to develop an image that is reflective of their standing as a professional sportsperson. We look at areas such as their appearance, public speaking and their ability to mix with others for the purposes of sponsorship and endorsements. We also look at public expectations and how they are expected to handle the public when required for autographs and guest appearances.

Business Profile
This area is one of the most important management services we offer. Through individual consultation we target areas of income maximisation including sponsorship, endorsements and contract negotiations. Part of this service also includes taxation and legal advice through association with professionals in these areas. We then look at an athletes career profile and target areas to build this profile within the media circle. Part of this process includes training to handle all forms of media including television, print and radio.

Post Career Development
Too often this area is forgotten during the career of so many athletes. Again through consultation we look at life after sport and then plan steps to ensure that financially athletes benefit from the spoils of their success through investment and financial planning. We also look at a career after sport and target plans that will enable the athlete to move into this career whether it is through study or gaining experience in the corporate world.

These key services are important in the development of all athletes regardless of their level of achievement. With a good cross section of sports represented by RockSolid it presents a unique opportunity for elite athletes from many different backgrounds to mix and have an interest outside of their chosen sport. There is an opportunity for these athletes to support one another and feed off the success they each can achieve.

RockSolid Sport is also represented on the Internet through our own web site. This site is designed to develop the image of the athletes presenting athlete profiles, a gallery displaying newspaper clippings / photos as well as an area to profile the sponsors of each athlete. We also have individual email addresses for each athlete for fan mail and questions. This site will be continually updated with performance results, achievements and other relevant information.

Our whole management process is built around consultation and working with the individual allowing them to make the correct decisions that they are comfortable with. Our personalized approach allows us to see the needs of each athlete and put steps in place to ensure these needs are met leaving the athlete to focus on what they are trying to achieve.